Get  your carpet cleaned and don't get soaked.

Dry time 3-4 hours.

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The Clean Care VLM (Very Low Moisture)

encapsulation technique dries faster

than regular carpet cleaning processes. 



Worry Less;

Enjoy More

We Have The Solutions,

Not More Problems

Environment-friendly products

Uses 3-4 gallons of water,

instead of 40-100 gallons

used in regular carpet cleaning

No need for keeping doors

or windows open

No loud van and engine noise running outside your home

No over-wetting mildew problems

Zero soap means zero residue

The Clean Care process is the ideal way to clean, deodorize, sanitize, and protect carpets, without the use of solvents or harsh soil attracting chemicals.

Clean Care uses polymer x2 - an environmentally friendly, zero soap, oxygen-based, cutting edge cleaning solution for more effective oil, soil and stain removal.

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Suzan B.

James W.

Bianca F.

Awesome job!

My carpet was pretty dirty and after they cleaned it, it looked like new.

I thought some stains wouldn't come out, but after they finished the job I couldn't see those spots anymore.

Great cost-benefit.

Their price was lower than other quotes I got from other carpet cleaning companies and the result was very good!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Hello, we are a couple who own Clean Care.

Our company had its start in Brazil, where we began offering only the upholstery cleaning service.

Developed by a brazilian couple, Clean Care brought together 3 fundamental points: knowledge on upholstery and different types of fabric, advanced cleaning techniques, and the relentless pursuit of providing well-being for families.

With our service method, Clean Care becomes unique and a world reference.

We are not a company, we are a family ready to serve you!